Gigabite Print Co.

Taylor Friedhoff


It all started with an idea. What kind of idea you ask? Well I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my life and I found out that I was good at graphic design as well as decorating cakes. When I had to decide which one I wanted to do I thought why not combine the two? A friend told me that it would be cool to make it Gigabyte but instead of “byte” do “bite” and that’s when Gigabite was created to be a two in one stop shop.

If you want to get tees for a wedding party as well as need cakes I can help with both. For now we are trying to get the printing portion of the business going and then we will pick back up to the baking so stay tuned! We are a family owned and operated business, without the help of the rest of my family we wouldn't be able to get started on this dream of mine.

There is no better company to help you with your order then a company who is run by a family. We strive to make your vision into a reality, so if that's for a sports team, church function, wedding party or a running joke with your friends we want to help your design come to life. As a brand or business owner you have to already deal with enough stress so we will help take that stress off your plate. So lets get going to make your dream and idea come to life!

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